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Our Turmeric Gummy Bears are incredibly delicious, yet packed with all the phytonutrients 

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Hawaiian Turmeric Gummy Bears

If your only experience with turmeric is spicing up a curry dish, you're not alone. Though turmeric boasts many incredible health benefits, Western consumption patterns don't typically include much turmeric. The turmeric that we do consume in curries and other ethnic foods is often either highly processed or low-quality turmeric that can't begin to match the flavor or health benefits of high-quality, lab-verified turmeric root.

For consumers who do appreciate the health benefits of turmeric but don't want the spice's potent aftertaste, finding a solution can be tricky. Health Ranger Select Hawaiian Turmeric Gummy Bears solve the problem by condensing high-quality, potent turmeric into tasty gummy bears that you can eat as a delicious, healthful snack (delivers 100mg of turmeric in just 2 gummy bears.)

that make turmeric such a powerful healing spice. Even children love these gummy bears, and adults are enjoying them for their nutrition!

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What is Turmeric?

Most people think of turmeric as a bright yellow spice and essential curry ingredient, but in its unprocessed form, turmeric is actually a root related to ginger.

To transform it into a spice, the root is usually dried and ground into a powder for easy addition to recipes like satay and curry. Turmeric grows in the wild in south Asia and Hawaii, where it thrives in the humid tropical climate, and it's been a staple in the recipes of most Asian cultures for hundreds of years. 

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Health Benefits that Keep Surprising Researchers

It seems that the more scientists research turmeric, the more incredible, wide-ranging health benefits they find.**

Helps support weight management and normal metabolism

A powerful antioxidant

Supports heart health

Supports joint health and mobility

Helps regulate blood sugar

Promotes positive gut health

The health benefits of turmeric can be credited in part to curcumin, the compound within the spice that makes it such a profoundly effective superfood. Studies of curcumin's effects are ongoing, but researchers are excited about the possibilities, including potentially revolutionary effects for living longer and healthier, with far fewer health problems. (The Health Ranger adds a spoonful of turmeric to his avocado cacao smoothie every morning, consuming over a pound of raw turmeric powder each month.)

How to Get the Most From Turmeric

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Interestingly, some studies have shown that turmeric is significantly more effective and powerful when used as a spice or eaten with food. Because curcumin is fat-soluble, many believe that consuming the spice along with healthy, natural fats enables the body to absorb it more effectively.

Health Ranger Select Hawaiian Turmeric Gummy Bears combine high quality, minimally processed turmeric with organic seaweed extract for additional health support. Turmeric gummy bears make it easy to combine your daily intake of turmeric with meals, and they completely mask the turmeric aftertaste that many find unusually strong. It's perfect for the entire family!

The Importance of Quality

Synthetic and overprocessed turmeric doesn't offer the same health benefits as quality, freshly ground turmeric or turmeric infusions. Some companies were recently forced to recall their turmeric products by the FDA after they were found to contain high levels of lead, and others contain fillers and artificial colors that dilute turmeric's efficacy. When you choose Health Ranger Select turmeric and turmeric gummy bears, you can trust that the turmeric you consume meets our stringent criteria:

Lab verified and tested for heavy metals and contaminants

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Undiluted by fillers or preservatives

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Gelatin Free

Free of gelatin, gluten, soy, dairy and chemical sweeteners

Help support your joint and heart health, get a boost on your weight management routine, improve your gut health, help support normal blood sugar, and enjoy the added vitamins and minerals you'll enjoy with every single turmeric gummy bear--along with countless other health benefits described in the scientific literature.

Health Ranger Store turmeric is all naturally grown in Hawaii, and our gummy bears are carefully created and lab tested in the U.S.A., so you can feel great about adding them to your diet. Make sure to sign up for our rewards program and get 5% back, in reward points, to be used on your future orders.

gummy bears 1 pack
gummy bears 1 pack
gummy bears 1 pack
Turmeric Super Combo


Super Combo

  • Health Ranger's Organic Turmeric Gold X 2
  • Health Ranger Select Hawaiian Turmeric Gummy Bears X 1

Health Ranger's Turmeric Super Combo is a combination of the two best selling products at the Health Ranger Store... offered to you at a steep discount.

Health Ranger's Organic Turmeric Gold is a breakthrough liquid turmeric formula. It's certified organic and extracted with non-GMO alcohol and vegetable glycerin.

Health Ranger Select Hawaiian Turmeric Gummy Bears combine high quality, minimally processed turmeric with organic seaweed extract for additional health support.

Take both together for double the benefits!




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Hawaiian Turmeric Gummy Bears 60 Count

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